Photo: Balaton Balooning

What is an incentive idea?

An incentive idea is an exceptional travel experience used to motivate and/or recognize participants for increased levels of performance in support of organizational goals. You can think of it as an award or an encouragement to keep good mutual relationships between the employees and business partners.

Here’s a list of the TOP 10 best incentive ideas that you should try when visiting Western Hungary. The list is based on their popularity among readers of Kongres Magazine.


On the trail of Hungarian pottery heritage

The abundant, high-quality clay of the Őrség region enabled the trade of pottery to evolve.


Tasting the original “pálinka”

Pálinka is a typical Hungarian fruit brandy, a strong alcoholic beverage appreciated for its potency, flavor, and fragrance.


A birds-eye-view of Western Hungary

Glide gently over vineyards, quaint villages and the reed covered shores of Balaton in a hot air baloon.


Winery Hopping

The Sopron region is one of Hungary’s historic wine regions – its winemaking traditions date back to the Ancient Roman times.


From the sauna to the racetrack

Have you ever argued about, who is a better driver with your colleague? The Radring Track is the place to settle things for good.


Where Roman emperors walked

The city of Szombathely is the 10th largest city in Hungary and also the oldest one. It was founded by the Romans in 45 A.D., when it was known as Savaria.


Canoeing on the Boating Lake

The lake replaced a brick factory and its brick pits, which were filled with water in the summer of 1961. Two years later, trees were planted in the area and thanks to the locals, it has become one of the most beautiful parts of Szombathely.


A Golfer’s Paradise

The region of Western Hungary will keep you active all year round. There are all sorts of activities available and golf lovers won’t be left our.


Underground Mjus

At Mjus World Resort & Thermal Park, they give you the chance to experience the true “guts” of their hotel and see how everything operates.


Castle on the hill

Only a 20-minute drive from the Mjus World Resort & Thermal Park lies the magnificent Güssing Castle.