Pro Village – Franciska Major

The most popular HUNGARIAN special venues among Kongres Magazine readers

By far, the most searched thing this year on the portal was “special venues”. Using our new search engine and Google Analytics, we checked which special venues received the most attention from Kongres Magazine readers.


Fertorakos Cave Theatre
The Fertőrákos quarry began receiving praise for its acoustic characteristics from numerous composers and musicians.


Pro Village – Franciska Major
An imposing tree-lined road creates a very nice first impression and once you get to the gate, you are greeted with the first surprise.


The Village Museum
On the north-western confines of Zalaegerszeg, on the bank of the backwater of the river Zala, lies Hungary’s first open air ethnographic museum.


The Hungarian Temple of Isis
The town of Szombathely in Western Hungary has one of the most important historical sights in the world. You might think that this town has gone mad.


Batthyány Castle
The castle used to belong to the Batthyány family, one of the most important aristocrat families of Hungary.


Kerca Bio Farm
In the middle of this hilly area lies the Kerca Bio Farm, a 10-hectare horse farm in Kercaszomor famous for its gorgeous Andalusian horses.


Raspi Restuarant
Ráspi is a winery and restuarant in Sopron, a small Hungarian city located right on the Austrian border. The restaurant was opened in 1994 and their philosophy has not changed since.


The Szombathely Arborétum
Szombathely has lots of lovely parks and a gorgeous, big arboretum. You can wander around on gravel paths and follow the brooks that slice through the city.

Mjus Garden
In addition to the meeting halls at Mjus World Resort & Thermal Park, there are other hidden places around the resort, where you can organise your next event.

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