The company Grand Hotel Union underwent a wholesome renovation in 2008 and established a modern information system Fidelity to facilitate the managing of the hotel and more efficient receiving of guests. They also wished to introduce an integrated information system from the area of banquet and congress activities, which would improve the quality of business and abolish the issues they faced in the past.

Therefore the company in cooperation with MAiS d.d. established a new integrated information system “Fidelity Banquet & Event”, which covers and manages the work of all key divisions (sales, technical services, F&B division, reception and housekeeping) necessary for the execution of an event. A large benefit of the system is noticeable in better and more organized communication among individual divisions and in increasing the control over carrying out individual activities during the preparation of a congress or banquet event.

The new information system manages the entire work process and contributes to a consistency of work and work procedures. The sales team for example gained a quick access to available capacities and a faster and easier way to prepare an offer for the client as well as easier billing, since all of the expenses of the client are automatically noted down. The instructions to each individual division are also automatically generated; each division has the possibility to confirm concrete task completion with the help of a touch screen.  The monitoring is carried out by a monitoring system of ordered and carried out tasks.

An integrated modern information system Fidelity Banquet & Event enabled a high standard of congress services, uninterrupted managing of business processes and alleviating the staff, which now has more time to attend to our guests.  At the same time all the received data on the client and their spending enable better intelligent CRM.

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