The culinary adventure on the river
The culinary adventure on the river Ljubljanica by Kaval

Ljubljana is often mentioned as a ‘boutique’ city, and just as ‘small’ or ‘boutique’ is the Ljubljanica River that winds its way through it with the romantic boats gently drifting along on its flow.

It was about twenty years ago that the social life in Ljubljana started to gravitate to the restaurant gardens and embankment of the Ljubljanica River, and today this journey has even extended as far as to the river itself. The renewed embankment and mini ports are today just calling out for more activities on the water.

Late summer afternoons now attract kayakers and stand-up paddle boarders who peacefully sail along with the tourist boats that take you through the city centre and continue on to the sparse and mystic Ljubljana moors.

The ideas on how to take advantage of the river are plenty and on this occasion we opted for a culinary adventure, boarding the Ljubljanica boat that steered us along the water as our taste buds were pampered by the Kaval Group’s chef extraordinaire Igor Jagodic, head chef at the Strelec Restaurant located in Ljubljana Caste. During the two-hour river voyage, Igor prepared a 5-course menu with selected dishes and Slovenian wines right in front of the guests. This one-of-a-kind experience, with views of all the main Ljubljana sights from a new perspective, can be enjoyed in all seasons. The culinary adventure on the river will be interesting for those who are already familiar with Ljubljana as well as for those who come to Ljubljana as business guests or conference attendees.

This is just one of the many brilliant ideas that the Kaval group are offering. Each of their eighteen locations in Ljubljana and its surroundings has a character all of its own. Ms. Dada Jerovšek, the owner of the group, lends the personal touch to each of their restaurants with a great care for guests and for their comfort. Full of life and energy, Dada is a person who never says no and which is why she accepted the invitation to join the World Ice Cream Index competition, taking first prize from among 25 cities. Lolita, the pastry shop in the very centre of Ljubljana, is the place where you will not only get the best ice cream in the city, but after such an award is the place where you will also get the best ice cream in the world!

1. Strelec Restaurant at Ljubljana Castle with chef Igor Jagodic
2. Lolita’s homemade ice-cream, made from natural Slovene ingredients and with no chemical preservatives
3. Kaval catering – if organising a congress in Ljubljana
4. Fine dining on a boat at Ljubljanica river
5. Feel green – visit the Evergreen restaurant before or after a golf tournament

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