Smart Tourism 5.0

Tourism is the industry that will for sure feel the coronavirus effects the longest. That is why it is imperative to act proactively, connect with colleagues from the industry and hatch a plan for exiting the crisis quickly and effectively. Communication with industry experts is key and Smart Tourism organizers wish to help out as much as they can. Thus, they are organizing the 2nd virtual meet-up where tourism experts will discuss the problems and opportunities of post-COVID-19 tourism.

We have to face the difficult truth that the pandemic changed everything. Despite everyone’s wishes, things will not simply go back to normal. If you have found yourself in a difficult spot, from which you are unsure how to proceed, Smart Tourism 5.0 can shed a light on the path to take and help you prepare for post-COVID-19 tourism.

The Smart Tourism 5.0 virtual meet-up will take place on Wednesday, 17 June 2020 from 10:00 until 14:00

Local Slovenian and regional experts from the tourism and meetings industry will share precious information, experience and ideas regarding business during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. They will also discuss current tourism trends and new ways and models of doing business after a few months-long period of restricted travelling.

The discussions will be in English and the program will include the debates about meetings and events going forward in the region, what forms they will take and how to tackle all the challenges imposed by the virus. Gorazd Čad from Kongres Magazine will explain the L-DAY campaign and what industry professionals are saying about the first live events. Janez Kopač from MPG Slovenija will share the know-how and highlights of the largest virtual conference of 2020 – NT Remote Microsoft. Dr. Igor Kovačević from the Serbian CVB will illustrate his view on the regional meetings industry post-COVID-19 and Gorazd Čad will share the meetings industry marketing guide post-coronavirus. Miha Kovačič from the Slovenian CVB will explain how the Conventa tradeshow can be used as a crisis exit strategy for the regional meetings industry and the round will end with a moderated debate.

You can find the detailed schedule on the website. Participation at the Smart Tourism 5.0 meet-up is free of charge, and applications are open at