The most popular incentive ideas among Kongres Magazine readers

One of the most searched thing this year on the www.kongres-magazine.eu portal was “incentive ideas”. Using our new search engine and Google Analytics, we checked which incentive ideas received the most attention from Kongres Magazine readers. The incentives on our portal are split into several categories; active, adrenaline, CSR experience, culinary, cultural, historical and luxury experiences. Incentive ideas can also be split into two unusual categories; 24 and 48 Incentive hours. The absolute winner in our analysis and the most searched for was UFO SKywalk – A unique adrenaline attraction in Bratislava.

Among over 200 incentive ideas, these are the most searched for incentive ideas:

Active Experiences


Grow your own fish in the most beautiful sense ever

The Fonda Fish Garden is growing the King of Slovenian fish – the Fonda Piran sea bass and is offering interesting accompanying activities for tourists as well.

Chovgan, the predecessor of polo

The game of Chovgan (Çövkan), one of the precursors of polo, has been popular in Azerbaijan and Central Asia for centuries. It’s actually Azerbaijan’s national sport and a strong part of its cultural heritage.


Underground Mjus
At Mjus World Resort & Thermal Park, they give you the chance to experience the true “guts” of their hotel and see how everything operates.

Adrenaline Experiences

UFO Skywalk

Catch Bratislava from a completely different perspective and embark on an adrenaline experience like no other at the UFO Skywalk Bratislava.


Experience F1 in Baku

The Baku City Circuit is one of the most challenging tracks of the championship and also one of the most attractive, as drivers whiz past the tight bends in Baku’s old town


From the sauna to the racetrack

A 15-minute drive from the resort and you will find yourself at the Radring Go-Kart Track in Rönök, where their go-karts are gassed up and ready for you to jump in.

Culinary Experiences


Zotter Chocolate Factory

Enjoy an unforgettable day at the Zotter Experience in Bergl near Riegersburg in the Austrian province of Styria.


Feel the wine

The museum exhibition in the 17thcentury wine cellars has the largest collection of wine presses in Central Europe and hides the facts and secrets of wine-growing and viniculture in the Small Carpathian region.


On the trail of the world’s best olive oil

The programme will take you on a trip through time, which consists of a visit to the unique Museum Olei Histriae, followed by a guided tasting session at the premises of one of the most well-known Istrian olive oil producers, Chiavalon.

Cultural Experiences

A walk through the rebellious art movement

This Art Noveau walk takes visitors into the past of the ‘rebellious art movement’ which didn’t stay rebellious for long but it rather quickly became very popular among progressive art lovers of the time.

On the trail of Hungarian pottery heritage

The unique style of pottery-making is still proudly carried on by a few local masters in their small workshops and shelved shops, where you can experience the unique craft.


A mighty fortress in the sea

St Anthony’s Channel links Šibenik’s harbour to the Adriatic Sea at the St Nicholas’ Fortress, the most important renaissance fortress on the eastern coast of the Adriatic, where you will discover the rich history of the fortress.

Historical Experiences


A literally hidden characteristic of a bombed city

Maribor’s business and industry zone Zone Tezno (Cona Tezno) is not a new addition to Maribor, but it is rather well-aged and dates back to no less than 1941.

Take A Ride With A Yugoslav Legend
In Belgrade, one is up for some really special fun! The so-called Yugoslav history on four wheels, founded and managed by Yugotour, takes a legendary ride with the nostalgic Yugoslavian car: The YUGO!


The Brijuni Safari

Safari Park Brijuni was established in 1978. It mostly featured the animals that ended up in Yugoslavia as diplomatic gifts for Marshal Tito. The exotic animals tell the extraordinary story of a group of 14 islands.

24 and 48 Incentive Hours

48 Incentive Hours in Goriška Brda

Goriška Brda is full of passion, energy and primal vigour. The region will open your heart and soul like an exquisite tango. If getting in touch with nature is your goal, look no further than the intoxicating Goriška Brda.

24 Incentive Hours in Prekmurje

Prekmurje, the most exciting part of Slovenia, is a part of the Pannonian plain. Here you will experience the sentiment, the joy, and the hardship of the “people from the plains”.

24 Incentive Hours in Logarska Valley

Logarska Valley is the only Slovenian valley that can be entirely privatised for an event. As far as we know, there is nothing comparable on a global scale.

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