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This is not another article about how to protect yourself against the Coronavirus, nor is it another conspiracy theory about who started it. This page is dedicated to everyone in the meetings industry. We want to share positive stories and help fellow colleagues with useful recommendations and important developments in the meetings industry. Let’s start a movement and share positive stories with the hashtag #powertothemeetings.


BETTER LATE THAN NEVER: European State Aid is on its way!

European State Aid for Meetings Industry In countries, where the meetings industry is positioned high on the priority scale, lately, there has been news of concrete aid given to the meetings industry. It seems that one of the most affected sectors has finally been addressed by government officials.As per usual, Germany takes the top spot, as they have aided their meetings industry in every way possible. With direct help worth €642 million, alongside one of the biggest guarantee schemes in the history of the meetings industry, worth €2,5 billion, Germany has outclassed competitive countries. Moreover, German meeting planners have been...

Kongres Magazine’s Comprehensive Research on The Future Of Events

Kongres Magazine has prepared a new survey in the framework of Kongres Magazine's research on the impacts of the pandemic. We are all optimistically looking forward to the end of the crisis that, at least according to most, vaccination brings. However, there are still many open questions that we want to address and thus help you exit the crisis.Looking at the feedback, event organisers were most interested in what events will look like after the crisis, how relations between stakeholders will change and how strong the new digital event sector will become. We will also try to find the...
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Download the full Kongres Magazine research on COVID-19

Roughly six months have gone by since event organisation restrictions were put in place globally. We have each found our own ways and solutions for coping with the situation. Ever since the epidemic started, the editorial board of Kongres Magazine has been extensively reporting about the latest developments regarding COVID-19 and analysing the international meetings industry market. A large portion of our media space was actually dedicated to COVID-19. It is with great pleasure that we now reveal the results of extensive research on the coronavirus situation that engaged more than 5.000 meeting planners over the span of six months....

Organising a HYBRID event? Here are important things to keep in mind

A lot more goes into organising a hybrid event than you might think A hybrid event is a combination of a "live" in-person event and a "virtual" online event. Organising a hybrid event can open a wide range of new opportunities. Because you are not limited by the usual physical barriers, you can very easily expand the audience, but a lot more goes into organising a hybrid event than you might think. After organising numerous webinars and a hybrid conference for 150 attendees, the Toleranca Marketing team wanted to give away some useful tips that will help you prepare for your...





Zoom is giving meeting planners a way to charge admission

A NEW WAY FOR MEETING PLANNERS TO MONETIZE EVENTS OnZoom, a new service launched by the most popular online video-conferencing provider Zoom, will allow meeting...
European Food Summit 2020

2nd European Food Summit will be in the colours of fall

The 2nd European Food Summit was planned for March 2020 but was postponed in light of the coronavirus health crisis. It has now been...

Conventa is the key to overcoming the crisis

When we were planning Conventa in the middle of the worst economic crisis in 2009, the response from our colleagues and the media was...




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