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This is not another article about how to protect yourself against the Coronavirus, nor is it another conspiracy theory about who started it. This page is dedicated to everyone in the meetings industry. We want to share positive stories and help fellow colleagues with useful recommendations and important developments in the meetings industry. Let’s start a movement and share positive stories with the hashtag #powertothemeetings.


Matjaž Jug: “Being unable to travel is more burdensome than all business problems”

Interview with Matjaž Jug, owner of ETC Adriatic, one of the leading corporate events company in the Adriatic region, on his perspective on the future of the meetings industry, how his company has adapted to the “new normal”, and why the scale favours live events at the moment. "I think there is no debate - people want live events to return" Q: Is there anything that can still surprise you in the current situation? How have you reacted to the situation from a business and personal perspective? At the moment, nothing can surprise us anymore. The current times are exceptionally difficult as...

Mahir Hodžić: “Every event professional is looking forward to the return of live events”

Interview with Mahir Hodžić, who is the Editor in Chief of a professional magazine for complete security solutions a&s Adria and the team leader for the organisation of the Adria Security Summit, the leading fair and conference of the security industry for the area of ​​Southeast Europe. Mahir talked about the future of the meetings industry and how he has adapted to the “new normal”. "Standing still will produce a crisis that many will feel in the upcoming years" Q: Is there anything that can still surprise you in the current situation? How have you reacted to the situation from a...

Kongres Magazine’s Pioneering Research on Content Marketing of Meetings Destinations

Content marketing is considered to be the heart and the fuel of modern digital marketing. Its importance has become especially clear now when we are trying to exit the Corona crisis. Rather than generic information about destinations, meeting planners want to know about ways that destinations can solve their problems. This is also why we often say that content is the most used, reused, misused, and abused word in marketing. Such situations are a challenge for our team to make content marketing more valuable and effective and shine a light on this subject from various perspectives. Toleranca Marketing's research department...

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER: European State Aid is on its way!

European State Aid for Meetings Industry In countries, where the meetings industry is positioned high on the priority scale, lately, there has been news of concrete aid given to the meetings industry. It seems that one of the most affected sectors has finally been addressed by government officials.As per usual, Germany takes the top spot, as they have aided their meetings industry in every way possible. With direct help worth €642 million, alongside one of the biggest guarantee schemes in the history of the meetings industry, worth €2,5 billion, Germany has outclassed competitive countries. Moreover, German meeting planners have been...




Live before Hybrid – demand for live events is growing

Back to Live (Carefully…) The demand for live events is growing. After a year and a half of the COVID-19 pandemic, the agency for events...

Croatia introduces new national label “Safe stay in Croatia”

CROATIA PREPARING FOR THE NEW TOURIST SEASON Croatia is introducing a new national label "Safe Stay in Croatia" that will acknowledge tourism providers who have...

Zoom is giving meeting planners a way to charge admission

A NEW WAY FOR MEETING PLANNERS TO MONETIZE EVENTS OnZoom, a new service launched by the most popular online video-conferencing provider Zoom, will allow meeting...




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